Dani Beam

Beam Consulting

My Story

Dani Beam specializes in working with individuals and organizations to find creative, practical solutions to meet organizations’ needs and leverage their strengths. She has worked with local, regional and global businesses and nonprofits to train leadership, raise funds, and build organizational capacity. With her holistic, service-oriented approach, she excels in working with people to help them achieve their goals.

Dani’s capacity building and strategic planning expertise is rooted in her 20 years as an organizational leader, facilitator and nonprofit fundraiser. During that time, she supported and advanced missions of a wide variety of businesses and nonprofits. Through listening and empathy, she develops a keen sense of what clients need and how to work with an organization’s leadership no matter how large or small. While living in Dallas, TX and working for Viscern, a national consulting firm that provided fundraising and other consulting services for 10,000 organizations, she honed her expertise in conducting needs assessments, strategic plans, feasibility studies and capital campaigns. She has also tackled revamping systems, employing best practices and creating customer-centered services for one of the largest conservation organizations in the world, The Nature Conservancy. As a result, Dani has learned that all organizations can improve their services no matter how sophisticated and global their reach.

Dani is a graduate of Susquehanna University with a degree in Sociology. Her study of sociology and understanding of what motivates people has served her surprisingly well in her work of helping organizations take new steps toward realizing their vision.

In her free time, Dani enjoys reading, cooking for friends and family, playing with her nephews and traveling to new places. She is also an avid swimmer and yoga practitioner and believes that organizations, like everyone else, can benefit from breathing deeply from time to time and seeking a grounded perspective.