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A blog by nonprofit professionals sharing reflections, resources, tips, and ideas about the art and science of nonprofit practice

It started as a conversation…  


This blog began in 2012 as a conversation between Seattle-based nonprofit consulting colleagues Emily Anthony and Julie Edsforth. We were working together with many nonprofit organizations on projects like fundraising, strategic planning, board development, and search work, and after each project, we would reflect on how it went, what we learned, and how we might adjust our approach in the future. Those conversations always included a lot of laughing, occasionally a little ranting, and on our better days maybe even some insight that we could put to good use.

We wanted a way to share and expand those conversations beyond ourselves, to invite in a broadly-defined community of nonprofit practitioners:  all of the key volunteers, dedicated staff members, passionate board members, and skilled consultants who dedicate themselves to this field in a variety of ways. We decided to start a blog which we named Northwest Nonprofit Notes. In those earliest issues in our first couple of years, we shared a handful of articles we wrote ourselves, aimed at offering a point of view on best approaches and practical tips based upon our learned and lived experience.

In 2015 we invited some trusted colleagues to contribute articles of their own – thereby expanding the scope of topics covered to include everything from managing conflict to major gifts to event planning. Our blog got so much more fun to write (and we think read!) when we added new voices — for instance, we’ve had fun collaborating on articles where all our contributors offered their best idea about a particular topic. And adding new writers meant the blog stopped being only about the Northwest, as our colleagues who work now (or in the past) in other parts of the country also shared their ideas and perspectives.  

So, now in 2019, we have refreshed the blog with a new look and feel and officially dropped the “Northwest” to become just Nonprofit Notes. You can still find all those older articles here in our archives, though . . . We invite you to browse all the cool topics listed under the search bar on the blog page, hopefully finding articles relevant to whatever issue you may be facing.  Our goal is to add new content at least every quarter — or more often if we have something to say!

Thanks so much to all of you who have been enthusiastic readers and supporters of us and this effort since way back in 2012 — it means a lot to us. And welcome to new Nonprofit Notes readers! We hope you will read, comment, share, and enjoy the conversation.


Emily and Julie

Co-Founders & Editors

February, 2019